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> Full Goddess of Destruction Grand Crusade + Server using off-like game mechanics and formulas, is the ONLY Private Server with real GOD Game Mechanics . Development took more then 3 years of hard work and countless tests. Our team of developers built our very own, one of a kind, server core and functions, wich make for a much better Lineage 2 Experience.

> The server rates are uniquely designed to fit a high end PVP orientated server, to make players enjoy EVERY aspect of the game, pvp , pve , mass pvp, clan wars for various rewards, pvp for raids and much more, high end game content for instances, mobs designed to fit end game environment and more.


The Experience rate is carefully tune for high end game play for our own game environment, just as are the Enchant and compound rates click HERE

This is the only Server with OFF LIKE GOD features and all game mechanics, a strict NO WIPE policy wich guarantees players a long and rewarding experience if they choose to play here.

High Rate PVP

The server is running Grand Crusade update with additional and unique content of Lineage 2 , it features High Rate XP/SP rates, Lots of Content, all Instances Working: Lindvior, Tauti, Earthworm, and lots of others, all skills working retail like, all classes working retail like, events and 24/7 GM Support
-ability points, alchemy, compound and all new features working

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Antibot Engine

We have two antibots activated, this guarantees a clean gameplay and same chances for all players, either be it in pvp or pve. We do not tolerate any bots, cheats or any other third party software.

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- Mesmerizing System
- Ability System and Hidden Skills activated by them, added
- Physical and Magical accuracy / evasion relation formulas working off like GOD mechanics
- All Skills working and updated to GOD Infinite Odyssey
- Debuff land rate dependency on wit, according to GOD mechanics

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No Wipe

Our server has a strict NO WIPE policy, meaning all your work will be saved FOREVER. No corruption, only 1 GM, all gm actions are logged, also there are no pay2win donations, our donation system ensures fair play for all the players. ALL ITEMS DROP IN GAME or can be purchased from special shop, there are no need for donations!

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