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Server RUles
« on: April 01, 2015, 07:08:27 PM »
Rules and Agreement   
By playing here you agree to the following rules and agreement:

1. You are responsable for all your account and character`s belongings and all actions performed by them, includeing chat related human interactions ( these includes: any threatenings, swearings, etc) or other type of injuries both psyhical of physical caused by you to any other player or by other players to you).
*Sharing Accounts is not allowed.

2. It is strictly forbidden to sell items, accounts or characters for real money.

3. We are not responsable for any type of scamm you may suffer. See rule 1. Scammers will get banned.

4. This is a free environment, The staff reservers the right to punish anyone by any methods they see fit. This includes: bans, character ban, chat ban, account ban, ip ban, character deletion, account deletion. This includes any 3rd party software that may result in automated farm also.

5. Insults to staff members or the server are not allowed, and is bannable offense, no matter the reason. Show the same respect as we show you. Threats, intimadtion or blackmail of any kind towards any staff member will be punished by ban/deletion of all the accounts of the perpetretor as well as other consequences.

6. We are not responsable for any harm it may come to any players, in any situations. We offer a free gameing experience. If you don`t like it you are free to leave and delete all your characters and accounts AT ANY TIME.

7. Public or private insult using swear words, insults related to the User’s real life, insult of his/her family and relatives, provocative messages in game chats, character names, titles, clan & alliance names, party matching room names and private store descriptions

Penalty: From 5 hours chat/character blocking to permanent character/game account blocking

8. Use of swear words in character name/clan & alliance name/pet name/title/party matching room name/private store messages 
Penalty: From 10 hours chat ban to 7 days character/game account blocking

NOTE: Any use of any symbol in game that brings harm in any way to the dignity of our players, real life pictures, symbols of hate are not allowed and is a bannable offense.

9. We don`t ask for any user information, nor do we use data of any kind that regards the privacy of our users. We are not responsable for any of these. Using real life content such as pictures in game is not allowed and will be bannable.
9.a. Dropping or giving away donated items to random people is not allowed.

10. (a) You acknowledge that the Game you play on lineage2ertheia server is designed and intended to be used for entertainment purposes only and:
(i) You warrant and represent that You understand the Game sets forth a virtual world and not the real world, that You understand the distinction between a virtual world and the real world, that You understand that You have no fundamental right whatsoever to use the Game, and that You understand that lineage2ertheia and it`s staff members may in its sole and absolute discretion terminate Your ability to access or use the Game for any reason or for no reason whatsoever;
(ii) You warrant and represent that You understand that Your privacy, as well as the privacy of others who do not know each other personally in the real world, is well served by keeping interactions in a virtual world separate from those in the real world. You warrant and represent that You will not use any the Service, the Game, Content or Software to provide any information that could be used, directly or indirectly, by another user of the Game to identify You in the real world. You warrant and represent that You will not use any Service, Content or Software to obtain any information that could be used, directly or indirectly, to identify another user of the Game in the real world.
(iii) You warrant and represent that You understand that there may be communications or information on any lineage2ertheia Forum as well as parts of the Service, the Game,, known or unknown to lineage2ertheia staff members, that may be considered objectionable by some persons, including yourself;
(iv) You warrant and represent that You have no history, or patterns of behavior, that would lead to use of the Game, or anything related thereto, in an addictive or compulsive manner; and
(v) You warrant and represent that You have no economic, physical, emotional, psychological or privacy related considerations that would be adversely impacted by Your use of the Game or anything related thereto.
The foregoing shall apply to the maximum extent permitted by law. The foregoing are essential terms of this agreement and, if any of these terms are construed as unenforceable, fail in essential purpose, or become void or detrimental to lineage2ertheia ant it`s staff, any third-parties under agreement with lineage2ertheia and it`s staff, any parent, subsidiary or affiliate of lineage2ertheia, or any employee, agent, supplier, licensor, licensee, customer, distributor, shareholder, director or officer of any of the foregoing, then any license You may have under this agreement shall terminate immediately. Moreover, you warrant and represent that you understand the foregoing shall survive any expiration or termination of any license, agreement or use related to the Game.

Playing here is a priviledge not a right.
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