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New player joining the server
« on: November 20, 2020, 10:08:57 AM »
Hi everyone! Im downloading the client right now to start my experience on this server.
I have to admit this will be the first time I play L2 on a later chronicle, I always played up to H5. I usually like to play support classes, either pp/sws or healer cardi/EE. Are these classes viable on this server?

I would love to find a clan or group of people to play with,hopefully kind enough to guide me a bit into all this new content! If anyone has some link to some guides that can help me understand what to do and aim for in the early/middle/late game I would gladly appreciate it!
Meanwhile you can let me know if there's someone i should contact in game or in discord to decide together what class is more suitable or needed for the people I will eventually play with!

Thanks in advance :D

Discord:  Seymour#0215