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[INVALID] Buggs / Re: Tyrr Doombringer: Passive Skill: Bloodthirst
« Last post by Nam2 on Today at 09:08:56 AM »
all 3 skills i mentioned their effect is pvp p atack, can u just explain why the doombringer passive only affects normal attacks? it simply makes no sense
Updates / Re: Updates
« Last post by Lineage2Ertheia on Today at 08:19:21 AM »
Siege Walls improved.
Old My Teleport locations deleted, further exploit possibility removed.
Celestial Party Protection rare happening bug fixed.
pvp means while in combat  as a general rule, the 2 things u mention are the same.
[INVALID] Buggs / Tyrr Doombringer: Passive Skill: Bloodthirst
« Last post by Nam on Today at 04:43:39 AM »
hello i have seen there was a post about this in the fixed section, yet i have a question, why the pvp p atak passive from doombringer has only effect on auto attacks, while pvp p attack from adenial shirts affects skills too also the old argument duel might wich gives pvp p atak works with skills aswel?, what difference are between adenian and duel might with the doombringer passive if all of this are giving pvp p atack, i would apreciate an answer, thanks in advance.
Announcements / Re: Pin forgot
« Last post by jocirley de assis on Today at 03:46:06 AM »
esqueci o pin da conta ajuda ae alguem porfavor
General Discussion / chaos essence
« Last post by amplife on September 18, 2017, 10:50:53 AM »
Sorry for noob qeustion but where do i get chaos essence, i wanna change my tyrr doombringer into tyrr titan
Buggs / Re: Ring of the truth-Ring of the truth-Seeker
« Last post by TRD on September 15, 2017, 10:56:02 AM »
Yeah super strong: like 4% more matk strong xD

i dont know about zaken, but Blessed Antharas and normal Antharas stuck and give 30% more Stun Attack + Mental Attack, i find this more OP than a 4% m.atk :))
Hello - I am New! / Re: Hello I am New
« Last post by robspierre on September 14, 2017, 09:01:56 PM »
Good for you, don't give up! :p
General Discussion / Re: PROBLEMS
« Last post by robspierre on September 14, 2017, 08:56:35 PM »
About new players I agree, there could be in-depth guide and explanation, newbie items could be reduced in cost, there could be tweaked another exp zone for 95-100 (and 100-105), all the fun starts at 105.
Option to forget awakened skill and learn previous 2nd/3rd class skills should be added (.forget like on some servers).

Ebout enchants - there isn't any noticeable difference between +16 and +17 armor stat wise, just visual appearance is nice :p You can always try your luck with "regular" blessed enchants to go higher than +16/+20. If you'd have enough money for "special" enchant, you will have enough money to go +0->+16 too.

Regular RBs are useless (except few with unique drops) because of their poor loots- you can solo farm much faster in regular zones. They need loot buff (or give them some special currency for some new items).
At the same time you are forced to kill RBs with multiple eviscerators, other classes do sh!t dmg to bosses. Bosses are too tough, especially unique bosses and bosses with special loots, bosses should last max 5-10 minutes in average group to be fun, no special setup should be needed.

Venir Talisman needs rework (something like it should start at +18 for 250k mc).
--now you need 8 388 608 * lvl 1 IF chance was 100%... and it is not >.<

Agathions (Taurus etc) need rework, shall be a) upgradeable or b) cost reduced and 100% compound.
--now you need 2 048 * lvl1 IF chance was 100%... and it is not >.<

Elcyum is quite useless once you are decently geared, we need "Elcyum sink" - for example to add option to buy enchants for mc + elc instead of adena or something like that.
General Discussion / Re: Please help :(
« Last post by robspierre on September 14, 2017, 08:28:14 PM »
Well, you can always contact GM on facebook, fast response.
About pin restoration don't get your hopes too high, you should've written the pin somewhere :p
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