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*Attackforce ON allwais time: You dont need press CTRL key for attack yours Servitor and Flag state "on" if use Attack (pet) in 2º pet or Skills like Mark, this is a problem in PvP you need target Pet for heal and if you fail click for any reason (like Stun) you kill youre pet or flag innesesary in PvE.

*Spectral Call Skill: Some Time That Skill only Affect to Servitor and Don´t Affect Master :'(

*Sharing Equipament Skill: This Skills Dont Tranfer Items Atributes to Servitor, Skill Dont Work in PvP. Tested whit S.Equipament Active/Off whit Daguer and Damage is the same. This is a Very Bad Situations.

Tanks, I love this server :D
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