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русский язык / Re: Идеи для сервера (Ideas for the server)
« Last post by Bullet on September 22, 2022, 10:00:26 PM »
Hi, admin, I want to offer a small fix for Boss Fafurion's raid, fix the dropouts.  items in the list. I suggest adding all the dragon accessories, > Dragon Necklace > Dragon Earring > Dragon Ring and make, for example, the probability of hitting it 15%, add a brooch of 5 lvl, stones of 5 lvl, a bracelet of Kaliel, increase mouse coins to 10 million, a belt of 1 lvl. (From such RB, good things should fall out, these are top bosses, and RB is considered the highest rank)

I remind you to make bosses
And in general, review what I have written here, do what is possible at all
Guides / How to obtain a pet WOLF guide
« Last post by Lineage2Ertheia on September 22, 2022, 09:20:58 PM »
This is a video guide of the quest how to obtain a pet wolf:

The quest starts in GLUDIO at pet manager Lundy.
in work. we already raised tvt/lh prizes though.
русский язык / Re: event store TVT
« Last post by Bullet on September 17, 2022, 12:58:27 AM »
I propose to make such an event store so that people want to go to events, and new players have something to strive for!!!!
The original store.

New Event Store

Here with such things you need to make an "event store" Here are such things of average quality, there will be interests for players, a level 2 belt, level 9 agateons, noob RB accessories, which are all as in the screenshot. The appearance of the shields can be left, the rest is garbage, you have unnecessary there. do as shown in the 2 screenshot
List of things
Color Title (Event)
La Vie En Rose's Brooch Lv.3
Ruler's Authority -  Lv.1
Shiny Elemental Shirt
Physical Reflect Shirt
Magical Reflect Shirt
Kaliel's Bracelet
Elmoreden Cloak
Aden Cloak
Elmore Cloak
Atlas' Erring
Ferios Cloak
White Knight Appearance
Grand Healer Appearance
Grand Chevalier Appearance
Chevalier Appearance
Valkyrie Appearance
Barbarian Appearance
Cat Appearance
Valakas Dragon Armor Human Male
Antharas Dragon Armor Orc Male
Lindvior Dragon Armor Shaman Male
Aegis Armor Appearance Stone
Death Knight Sword - Appearance Stone
Scroll: Modify Demonic Sword Zariche
Scroll: Modify Bood Sword Akamanah
Lindvior Slayer Circlet
Lindvior Slayer's Cloak
Final Form of Darkness Appearance Stone Kamael Only
Final Form Armor of Light Appearance Stone Kamael Only
Aegis Cloak
Circlet of Authority
Circlet of Foresight
Circlet of Grace
Insane Kelbim Dagger
Insane Kelbim Dual Dagger
Insane Kelbim Bow
Insane Kelbim Crossbow
Death Knight - Stage 1 Human Fighter Male Only
Death Knight - Stage 2 Human Fighter Male Only
Death Knight - Stage 3 Human Fighter Male
Death Knight - Ultimate Human Fighter Male Only
Orfen's Earring
Zaken's Earring
Frintezza's Necklace
Ring of Core
Freya's Necklace
Istina's Ring
Istina's Earring
Istina's Necklace
Octavis Ring
Octavis Earring
Octavis Necklace
Expert's Mask
Talisman - Insanity
Talisman - Seven Signs
Talisman - Abundance Lv.2
Venir's Talisman Stage 15
Sayha's Talisman Stage 4
Advanced Mammon's Talisman Skill Power
Advanced Mammon's Talisman Attribute Attack
Advanced Mammon's Talisman Skill Cooldown
Cara's Talisman Pack
Talisman of Protection Lv.5
Agathion - Lv.8
jewelry Lv.5

Admin hello, I wanted to remind you once again that you are the last hero and TVT fixed things in stores so that people would be interested in going to events

There is also a PVP shop here
русский язык / Re: Скриншоты сервера
« Last post by Bullet on September 16, 2022, 09:23:10 PM »
Horror Movie :o
русский язык / Re: Скриншоты сервера
« Last post by Bullet on September 14, 2022, 07:05:37 PM »
Anakim :o
suggesitons noted
русский язык / Re: Идеи для сервера (Ideas for the server)
« Last post by Bullet on September 14, 2022, 02:26:48 PM »
and in general, remove the damage restrictions on rb
русский язык / Re: Идеи для сервера (Ideas for the server)
« Last post by Bullet on September 11, 2022, 09:11:20 PM »
Another request is to correct so that the character does not twitch in different directions on Wyvern  (English game client)
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