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New Systems !!!!!!
« on: July 31, 2019, 09:55:10 PM »
So what i m thinking and about a server it s many clues but first saying hi .
       I m matthew i m playing in your server and it s amazing that s what are me first thoughts but inclouding about that situtauion i m seeing so many facts that are disturbed for sure everyone .
First and most imporatnt till 100 lvl all spots of game are ussles are not even used in game they are not even try to use so they are spoiling and losing so much opportunity to give 100% fun of a game why high rate of game and pvp don t say or concern facts you can have fun with pve . So first thougts are like this let s take all minions or blue red and other things for use like the spots let me say clear use so thing about that i see we have 3 sets of possible seeling or buying like adena,elcyum and Mouse coin so let me think what if we creat next coin like radious or bounch of coins who drops on lower rate minions like i think 9 sets of coins and let me say straight there are will be in use and they will be very good and nesseesry . First of thinking is enchants we all know that max enchant from forum knowing is max 25 some other say it s -23 idc  let s make it  unlimited in normal results why bec it s fun but in olympic castle or arena fights max is the same amount so +23 or 25 we dont care it s for balance and fun for pk- fun and stuff we can be as strong as possible same with raids and other stuffs so let s go to the bisnes . i m thinking about unlimited enchants but there is no possiblites like yeah we recive enchant who gives 100% rate of enchant no! That s stupid we can recive Blessed enchant of destrucion he can looks like no grade enchant :P so it s ok we can buy it for coins from 10 lvl farms 20 lvl farms 30 lvl farms 40 lvl farms  50 lvl farms 60 lvl farms 70 lvl farms 80 lvl farms 90 lvl farms + ofc adena elcyum and mouse coin this enchants are working like enchants of destrucion so but gives you one thing more you can enchant weapon or armor to unlimited section so everyone will be happy pvp players and pve  we can ofc but this enchants for coins to donate so it s good idea seond idea it s results to have fun so creating no buying but only creaing r 110 items we have to raid and raid from ofc same possion raids from lvl10 till 90 + ofc materials from higher lvl musoe coin bla bla bla that s cool so we can one more time use all game not just little of that that s give more fun what is impprotatn pvp coins are super usslees . So to push fights more to enchat pvp stuffs you have to fight tyou have to fight pvp and recivbe pvp coins to make it gear better what i thinking it s creat special skills for pvp bec  of killing people like pk pvp or somthing to be even more fun on olypmic and castles. Me personal feelings are just we can t use all game all stuff in game and we are pushed to some areas we have to do things this server is awsome but you can creat server who will be monstrual the best from the best use it the idea of this is about coins from farming lower grade spots for everything epic jewels in me opinion epic accseory should have somthing like armor have ultra upgrade or somthin like that based on lvl 1- 6 gives you more fun for that  everything you can do it with this and ofc everything can be farmed but can be donated too your choice in me opinion you are better then real servr but you can be better then anyone in history of l2 :) i wanna help so muchb bec i m having so much fun with this game thank you dudes <3 .
           Nest idea it s from your idea blue and red miniions what is fantatsitc idea . Make it more of that stuffs why it s so fun like condier blue, green yellow , red ,purpble , black     blue  x5 green x10 yellow x15 red x20 purple mini raid boss is x150 its very hard but possible solo  and black ar raid boss of miniosn what loot is x 1000 it s possible make it only with 2-3 people and they give next coins who are need to super enchant baed on lvl epic accesory that s me idea how to make it fun or take it from pvp coins + super high me elcyum farm from lvl 10-90 + stuffs so it will be not fun to farm so much or from coin  that s cool and gives us more fun in pve fights <3

         So what i can say the problem huge is that this game has no end game so what i mean raids and mnions gives nothing so i think you should creat titles and achivements onm this game from going highest cliff in  game to killign minions raids they ofc gives somthing like somthing to your champ i think killing 10k kobolds in lvl 6-7 i dont remeber gives 0,5 m p,m atk %  and more achivemnts should be in stagees from 1 star to 5 stars , that gives more  dungeons fom old gracia hould be given back should be there monsters lvl 121 lvl  super strong should be same amount like other from normal blue green yellow red purple black , that instance is specialy for raid channels like 3x 7 or more they give suepr good achivemtns be passing them  theree would be 5 stages of ddicutly ofc dungeon ends with raid boss in me opinion raid boss should look there like should be summoner of minions lower hp more summons it gets + splash dmg that s cool ofc harder stage  summoner will summon other minions start healing them and becoming acculty team who start fighint with you and you have to figoutu how to win on this . that s cool achivments shopuld be in all stages on game from low lvl to high ll and highest every raids and mnions should givve somthing so that would be fun and huge amount of time you can waste of time with cool addeitude  and bec of that  that s for sure end game good status  .

 Next idea is title i m title of what you done title you can use us a buff hmm i t s use- like soulshot or somthing like that and give glwoing effect ofc name and other stuff

   Next thats fucking huge that s compltly change mechanics and game . buying cities i mean you can buy know grocery buidlings everything  zones in game where you farm and other stuffs buying stuffs and gives more opportunity to clan become higher and bigger in rank ofc what you have to do you have make money bec of creation so you have to creat own grocery items everything and it has to workm to give you payment and good amont of gold to make it works the more you buy stronger guild is ofc with money that you can spend creating good economy why we are buying stuffs bec zones gives us money and items to make skills and items to upgrade casteles from other guilds and making from lord to king upgrade of yourselfs  , that s huge bec that s make you change all everything as auciotner clan hall things so it s very hard i think it s possible but it s very hard , but that would be amazing creating own paffs and for once creating that npc-s in this game are not only shit nothing to do people but accutly they have inpact on game and what you are doing

       What we know nobbles it s cool things so i thing bec we get noble we can do quests from nobless that can gives us opportunity to learn new skills for pets to become stronger and better bec pets now are super ussles so nobbles gives us 10-30 questes  to makes pet s accutly impactfull for our journey in game that s so cool quests that unluck zone like pagan temple or something like that to farm items for our pets become good company to help with dunegones what i say earlier

      end game end game what it is it s when you creat everything what you can and you ve done all raids so what then you have everything but you dont have 1 thing enjoy of a game so we have to creat somthing like from world of warcraft battle grounds it s accutly not hard to do it we have evertything what we need golems all models to do it one  thing what bothers me are fuking bugs of movment that s problem but not so high we can creat battlegrounds and ccol stuffs to have fun enchants there like in cstale will be nmax +25 but i would make in olympic and castles and other stuffs in me opinion max +6 or somthing like that bec then we can find who is really better then somoene else not bec he has better gear but bec he knows better game and that would be enjoybale so why we creat items in game bec we can survival and has fun as a solo player and raid player in game

   so we done evyerrthing but we what next so , that s personal opinion but i think we can creat new raid for bset players and everyone i mean god even or somthing like that and in that event we are figihnt with fafurion valacas anthars and 4 drake together but tahts not enough we are figihnt with 3 summoners who creats team and  super demon who is king of the deads  it s super raid thta demon can be raidboss from old gracia dungon if we remeber so cool demon we can change jst his statisci and skils that and how big he is i mean double of size valacas , this dude will be extremly hard to beat first we have to beat kelbim kayn + somthing more then 4 drakes and then last super hard demon of king that  super rare raid for sake of raids most improtatn and it s hardest why we are doing that raid bec it s fun what we recive from this raid ofc achivment taht achivment unlock us to make 3 next raids of god tier and minerals for tattos of armor and weapons accesosry tattos will simple change our apperarnbec size and ofc gives statisic little be little but evertything it s good 3 next god tier raids are first is solo super hard raid when  we have to face solo valakas hmm or you can creat new drake change he is skin xd to yellow from valaks or somthing like that it s eizi xd photoshop or be 3ds mark just taht s it xd and we have to face solo sucha drake ofc he is not so fucking op like valakass but we can figourot how to do it , 2 raid it s attacking castle with whole guild and ally that s very hard raid when we have to face god of good we have to beat 12 kings and then fiight with 2 angels of destrucion last boss is god  thats us hard us  demon  king and last raid is with wiwerns we are fighitng on wiwver attacking with fire and stuffs to fight with super huge drake it s just making fafruion x20 he is size xd and one more time photoshop he is skin for black or somthing it s not so hard changing that  when he is low hp  he goes down and we all together fight withoiut wiver with fire to beat that drake it s not so hard but it s cool and fun . that s about raids cool stuff for good fun

         NEW THINGS SKILLS FOR PK  what is this we have to push things out so we have to reward people who are enjoy killing other people xd why bec they wanna have fun too so we are giving them achivments skills and other stuffs like dark  build what i mean dark weapons armors what give you apperanecs normal and your karma is bec of that armor back to normal and you can without payment kill people why bec that will change so fucking much in this game ofc what we have to remeber that lvl what we can kill wihotu losiong karma can t be lower them 6 - and lower why bec it s not fair to killing lower player so what then if somons speicliy take and kill yyou farm and ksing things youy give  stguffs yourf friend who has lower lvl and he will kill him clan is good thing arn t it ??? ;p that would be funny things se how people are toxic bec they can t farm omg so many meesages fuck that xdddd for real that s memorbile and so fun

    what s  i think aucionnt house is complty not useable bec we can make offline shops so what we can do about it hmm we can do sinmple things in offline shops we can just buy and sell for adena aand only bec of that in aucion house we can have more option then that we can sell out things for mouse coin for elcyum sword for sword just what you wanna put and trade you can do it and that would be amazing things so offline like acuion house will be always open 

    adena is usfeull but it s not that s problem that s why i think about buying zones evyething to make adena very precious and be very usefull in game !!! for next things what i think about i will make sure creat part next thank you dudes we can do it we can creat super fun game !!!!!
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Re: New Systems !!!!!!
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for the record enchant possiblites from hiogher then 25+ should have chance 0,5 % to make it so it will be superly high to make higher enchant but enchant s never drop and dont ctystilzied your wepaon so only time of how much you farm or how rich you are make you thing or be how i can grow us a player !!!