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Fafurion content!


Ability Skills Added


No Wipes, No Customs!

About Lineage 2 Ertheia Free Private Server

Lineage2Ertheia is a FREE High Rate Lineage 2 Professional Private Server running Goddess of Destruction game mechanics with Fafurion Prelude of War II content. This server started in 2014 and it took 3 years of development. All the game mechanics and formulas are the result of countles years of work testing and implemention. This is the only private server with real retail like Goddess of Destruction game mechanics that offers our players a unique gaming environmnet, access to all in game content, exceptionally good working class skills and class roles and a constantly updated world.

We are developing our own server core and content, everything on this server is unique and our team is constantly developing new updates. Antibot and anticheat systems are running, updated geodata, offering our players the Best Lineage 2 Experience. There is No Wipe Ever, - everything in game can be aquired, with no exceptions, by simply playing. Do not try to play here using bots, at log in bot users get banned by our Antibot. We believe in fair chance for all, Everything in game can be obtained without donations, there are NO Pay2Win Donations .

New Update v.7.7
ISS Enchanter Class Update

New Patch 7.7: ISS Enchanted Class Updated to Prelude II here!!

New Exclusive Items Added

New Hunting Zones, Rewards, Items read the patch notes here!!

Dragon Items Added v.7.2

Tyrr warrior and Sayha's Seer

New Patch 7.2: Dragon Shirts, Dragon Accessories and Fafurion Dragon Weapons added!

Tyrr Warrior & Sayha's Seer classes skills updated!

Tyrr warrior and Sayha's Seer

Tyrr Warrior and Sayha's Seer Classes got their skills updated to latest Fafurion update.

Forgotten Power Skills!

Forgotten Power Skills are special skills available to all characters. Any characters can learn them from level 86, having completed the Awakening !

Feoh Wizard Fafurion skills!

Feoh Wizards got their skills updated to latest Fafurion!

Fafurion's Garden Added!

Installing Game Video Guide

Free Epic Jewels, Armor sets and weapons For new players!

All new players get epic jewels set and high enchanted items and weapons at character creation!