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> Every class in Lineage2Ertheia possesses unqiue and varied set of
skills and mechanics, classes are truly diversified depending on race, we believe every player should have many ways to play a class, to have their own builds and playstyle choice.
> Regarding items, we adhere to the same philosophy centered on
diversity of classes, items and builds.
>Rather than merely prescribing a set of "best" items for each class, we have a vaeriety of items that are alternatives to the end game R110 ones.

> R110 grade items have an extensive range of alternative items, like dragon and raid weapons and armors. While these end-game items have the same powers, they offer very diverse bonuses, unlocking a myriad of possibilities for class configurations and a much more varied playstyles.
We empower players with genuine choices and an emphasis on versatility.
> You possess the autonomy to make decisions that shape your unique path, using personalized builds and selecting gear that resonates with your individual playstyle.



General Info

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Rates XP/SP
Server Rates

The server rates are High: 1000-6000x
and can be boosted by using Runes,
Buffs and Potions.The rates are
Dynamic, allowing the player time
to gather resources or higher levels.
Newbies can easily level up in the Low
Tier Hunting Zones, while experienced
players can try to defeat the monsters in
Top Tier Zones for exceptional rewards.
Rates: 1000-6000x Dynamic
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The level cap increases
every major update, currently is set
to lv.125 and it gives benefits such as
more Hp/Mp/CP and stats increase
Alltough the level cap increases
thanks to new hunting zones the leveling
progression is easy and enjoyable,
reaching top level should not take more then few hours for an experienced player.
Max Level: 125
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Offline Shop

Setup trading and then write
in chat .offline. Your client session will
be immedietly ended and your character will be moved into offline shop state
The Offline shop system will let your
character to be trading (buy/sell/craft),
while you do not need an active client session. Your character will be kept
in game in shop status.
Offline Shop: Enabled
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Equipment - NG, D, C,
B, A, S, R, R110, Raid

There is a wide range of items in game, from No Grade up to R110 and Special Raid Weapons and Armors
New items are being introduced almost each update, and on this server you can find the newest content added
The players can chose from normal No Grade to R110 or even Special Raid Weapons and Armors.
Equipment: up to R110 / Raid
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Special Hunting

Special hunting zones have been created for
each level and difficulty, split into three
main categories: Low, Mid and Top Tier. The player can instantly teleport to these zones by using the Community Board (alt+B)
Special items are dropping from monsters:
that populate the Special Hunting Zones, items needed to purchase legendary and epic items
Special Hunting Zones: 0-125+
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Community Board

The Community Board can be accessed by using Alt+B on the keyboard or from the lower right Options Menu in game.

It Containes a Special Shop, Buffer, Teleport and Special Services that can be used in game and greatly improve the players` experience
Community Board and Buffs
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Olympiad, TvT, Lh, CoC

The players can chose to participate to a variety of events such as weekly Olympiads, Hourly Team vs Team or Last Hero events, Hide and Seek and other fun events or Ceremony of Chaos late in the evening.
The rewards for such events have been boosted and special new items added as reward for the participants. Team vs Team even has great rewards for new players
Events: TvT / LH/ HS/ CC

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A variety of events to chose from: Olympiad Weekly, Team vs Team, Last Hero, Hide and Seek event held at random hours, Chaos Festival in the evenings. Events are a great way to gather resources easily. The rewards are high and newcomers can easily benefit the most from them.

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- Mesmerizing System
- Ability System up to 24 points
- Physical and Magical accuracy / evasion relation formulas working off like GOD mechanics
- All Skills working and updated to GOD Infinite Odyssey
... and many more

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No Wipe

Our server has a strict NO WIPE policy, No corruption, all gm actions are logged, also there are no pay2win donations or paywalls, our donation system ensures fair play for all the players. ALL ITEMS and can be obtained IN GAME, can be purchased from special shop or monsters, donations are optional.

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