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Christmas Event Started!
« on: December 23, 2022, 10:57:53 AM »
Christmas Event Started

End date - First week of January;
Each player can become an event participant, regardless of the equipment and level of your character in the game.
The event is not tied to time and a specific location. It is enough to be in the game and hunt monsters in order to participate.
Event description:
There is a New Year's Tree on Giran Square. Mobs tore her and stole all the jewelry.
Santa-Claus sent his assistant to the Kingdom of Aden so that she could restore
the Christmas Tree before the New Year, and it's only hope for the help of the players!‚Äč
1.You need to hunt an ordinary mobs in the game world, and the following items will be dropped additionaly with chance: Fir Tree Branch, Bead Ornament, Star Ornament, Flower Pot
2. Bring all collected parts of the Christmas Tree to the Santa Assistant, located in every town.
3. Exchange Christmas Tree parts for:
Christmas Holliday Tree = 1 Star Ornament, 4 Bead Ornaments, 4 Fir Tree Branches, 1 Flower Pot
Special Christmas Holliday Tree = 10x Christmas Tree
Santa's Antlers = 10 Christmas Trees
Santa's Gift Box = 3x Special Christmas Trees

Pet Rudolf = 50 Christmas Trees
Cara's Talisman Recipe (70%) requirements lowered from 3 to 2 talismans
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