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Shilen Clan [Level 5]
« on: April 18, 2017, 09:11:53 PM »
Clan: Shilen
Alliance: Lavidos
Base: Shanty Fortress
Clan Leader: Jenica (Zagatou)
Discord (voice + text chat) Server Link: [DiscordApp invite link]

Feel free to register/apply on our clan-page!

Clan rules & requirements:
Only active people will be promoted/invited to main clan!
(RB's, Siege, Castle Defence, PvP activities)!

1. Killing our alliance/clan members, will result in expel!

2. You have to use an decent name, in order to join our clan!
No numbers in name! name1177
Upper-case-letter at beginning of the name! namE
Main language "English"!

3. Don't act selfish, raid together and share the rb jewels you already have, with your clan mates!

I played here years ago and had a clan with the name "International" (Rank 1 while it was active),
i passed leadership to someone else, because i was planing to pausing Lineage 2 for a while.
The clan International got re-named into "DOMINATION" and i don't have access to it anymore...
Well, here i am again... and beginning from anew.
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