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Activity and Starters
« on: March 06, 2019, 09:30:24 PM »
 I think that in the last few days there has been an increase in new players.People coming to check the server and have some fun.
 Each new character gets a very good limited time gear.The timer beign set at 10 days.
 Here is the <<problem>>,i dont think that with the current activity a new player is able to farm this gear back.Yeah,he might get the armor,a shadow weapon and some other stuff.But since the activity is still low,he wont be able to farm relic jewels,he might eve nbe able to kill istina or zaken.Since not many guilds exists doing that.And those who do have a closed circle.
 Maybe extend the timer for a few days,so newbiews will be able to farm more with one char,rather than creating one every 1 days.
 Also make chaos essence ale to be destroyed,or being deposit to the warehouse.
 Last but not least,instances,solo farm is good and all,but do you know how tiring is too be at the same place for hours/days.IThas been also been suggested on fb .

   Ty for your work!
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