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Title: Changes and inccoming updates
Post by: darqfelenor on July 31, 2019, 04:09:57 PM
So what i m thinking and about a server it s many clues but first saying hi .
       I m matthew i m playing in your server and it s amazing that s what are me first thoughts but inclouding about that situtauion i m seeing so many facts that are disturbed for sure everyone .
First and most imporatnt till 100 lvl all spots of game are ussles are not even used in game they are not even try to use so they are spoiling and losing so much opportunity to give 100% fun of a game why high rate of game and pvp don t say or concern facts you can have fun with pve . So first thougts are like this let s take all minions or blue red and other things for use like the spots let me say clear use so thing about that i see we have 3 sets of possible seeling or buying like adena,elcyum and Mouse coin so let me think what if we creat next coin like radious or bounch of coins who drops on lower rate minions like i think 9 sets of coins and let me say straight there are will be in use and they will be very good and nesseesry . First of thinking is enchants we all know that max enchant from forum knowing is max 25 some other say it s -23 idc  let s make it  unlimited in normal results why bec it s fun but in olympic castle or arena fights max is the same amount so +23 or 25 we dont care it s for balance and fun for pk- fun and stuff we can be as strong as possible same with raids and other stuffs so let s go to the bisnes . i m thinking about unlimited enchants but there is no possiblites like yeah we recive enchant who gives 100% rate of enchant no! That s stupid we can recive Blessed enchant of destrucion he can looks like no grade enchant :P so it s ok we can buy it for coins from 10 lvl farms 20 lvl farms 30 lvl farms 40 lvl farms  50 lvl farms 60 lvl farms 70 lvl farms 80 lvl farms 90 lvl farms + ofc adena elcyum and mouse coin this enchants are working like enchants of destrucion so but gives you one thing more you can enchant weapon or armor to unlimited section so everyone will be happy pvp players and pve  we can ofc but this enchants for coins to donate so it s good idea seond idea it s results to have fun so creating no buying but only creaing r 110 items we have to raid and raid from ofc same possion raids from lvl10 till 90 + ofc materials from higher lvl musoe coin bla bla bla that s cool so we can one more time use all game not just little of that that s give more fun what is impprotatn pvp coins are super usslees . So to push fights more to enchat pvp stuffs you have to fight tyou have to fight pvp and recivbe pvp coins to make it gear better what i thinking it s creat special skills for pvp bec  of killing people like pk pvp or somthing to be even more fun on olypmic and castles. Me personal feelings are just we can t use all game all stuff in game and we are pushed to some areas we have to do things this server is awsome but you can creat server who will be monstrual the best from the best use it the idea of this is about coins from farming lower grade spots for everything epic jewels in me opinion epic accseory should have somthing like armor have ultra upgrade or somthin like that based on lvl 1- 6 gives you more fun for that  everything you can do it with this and ofc everything can be farmed but can be donated too your choice in me opinion you are better then real servr but you can be better then anyone in history of l2 :) i wanna help so muchb bec i m having so much fun with this game thank you dudes <3 .
           Nest idea it s from your idea blue and red miniions what is fantatsitc idea . Make it more of that stuffs why it s so fun like condier blue, green yellow , red ,purpble , black     blue  x5 green x10 yellow x15 red x20 purple mini raid boss is x150 its very hard but possible solo  and black ar raid boss of miniosn what loot is x 1000 it s possible make it only with 2-3 people and they give next coins who are need to super enchant baed on lvl epic accesory that s me idea how to make it fun or take it from pvp coins + super high me elcyum farm from lvl 10-90 + stuffs so it will be not fun to farm so much or from coin  that s cool and gives us more fun in pve fights <3
Title: Re: Changes and inccoming updates
Post by: Lineage2Ertheia on August 03, 2019, 08:11:55 AM
hello and welcome, many great ideeas we work on alot of things, we add updates 1-2 week (big ones)
Title: Re: Changes and inccoming updates
Post by: darqfelenor on August 03, 2019, 10:30:58 AM
if you need helping help with ideas just helping with forum anything i can do it i can try help you i m also graphic  creator so i can creat baner or somthing like that to promote server !! :P Would love to help you guys
Title: Re: Changes and inccoming updates
Post by: Lineage2Ertheia on August 15, 2019, 06:45:47 AM