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Newbie tyrr guide
« on: February 15, 2020, 07:43:07 PM »

First thing a new player has to do imo is to learn slowly the new game mechanics and how things work in the server.
 It is easy to learn all the classes and mechanics,since the server provides you with free items for 10 days (including simple versions of rb jewels,brooch jewels, weapons and armor).But some mouse coins (basic currency) will be needed to make some simple class/skills upgrades.
 For that purpose it is advised to start with a Tyrr Dreadnought (Human warrior).As for the dual class an Iss Enchanter  would be a good choice since it is an easy class (due to the fact that they have support buffs,which got buffed with 7.4/7.5/7.6 update) and it will be helpful if you decide to pvp or do raids in the future.
TBH you can do Dreadnought or Titan.Dreadnought is the King of AOE farm (the class has 2 more AOE skills/debuffs compared with the other tyrrs ,plus it has buff(winged spear) that applies stun on auto attacks.Titan on the other hand is not as good as dreadnought but his superior attack stats make him a viable option later on.
 When farming use skills,we are  not playing c6 to use Auto attacks.Skills provide superior lifesteal and many of them apply some form of debuffs.DEBUFFS ARE MORE IMPORTANT THAN OFFENSIVE will release it later on and especially if you try raiding.

About tyrr debuffs:
 The good thing about dreadnought is that he keeps the old provoke,that applies a good debuff which reduces the target's p.def(when enchanted? and spear resistance .
 Now, provoke stacks with another powerfull debuff that all tyrrs have,armor destruction which also lowers the targets P.Def.
 Eruption,thunder storm are low cooldown stun skills,winged spear is a big aoe-stun that can  hit from away,Sonic star is a tremendous damage skill that knockdown every 1 on the radious,but it takes about 2 seconds to cast and can be canceled.

Farm zones:(low tier)
Land of Chaos (good drops on adena,mc,elcyum,dc)
Seed of Hellfire ( adena,dc)
Monastery of Silence (elcyum)
Guillotine fortress (adena)
Beleth circle

Farm zones:(mid tier)
Garden of Genesis
Enchanted Valley

Farm zones:(top tier)
Atelia fortress (adena,mc,elc,books,xp)
Blazing swamp (books,mc,magma ore,wrap crystals)
Forge off Gods (mc,elc)
Fafurion (books,xp)

Gear: a Tyrr needs a light trancedent armor and a spear.
Buy a light armor,make it lvl 3,+16 and put elemental resistance.
You will slowly upgrade it to lvl6 with silenites which you will get either from players,or from dissolving raids boss jewels at rafforty (alt+b/towns/tavern).
 Invest on making a shadow spear + 20 tyrr sa(it will cost you about 1.2kk mc to make it full).For augment try for p.skill.critical.damage +15% but pve +10% is ok too(but pscd scales better endgame)even p attack 10% is ok for now.

Appart from armor and weapon
You will have to farm a cloak,bracelets,talismans,brooch,brooch jewels and rb jewels.
 But we are not there yet.
 You must make your skills + 20 if possible.
Start with spirit of slayer and second wind and make them +20 might (so you will have an extra boost) ogre feral cry counter,self buffs- limits make them + time and damage skills-debuffs make them hex, chance or power.
Back to gear,youl will easily farm a cloak that gives +3 stats And it is ok for now.
Also it is easy to get talisman of longing (later you will compound 2x longing to get Insanity),seven signs,abudance lvl4 .The 2 most important will be venir+ sayha ,it is easy to get a +19/20 venir either from players or from vote rewards,but sayha you will have to let it for endgame,cuz it is rare and expensive.also quite way is to make a stage 6 bracelet but until then you can use an Aria can quite easily get lvl 1-2-3 brooch jewels and a 4-5 slot brooch from store.(a warrior will need ruby,red cat eye,emerald,diamond)

Supporting your farmer:
You can support your farming(or any other char) with the use of extra buffs.and since the game allows you to open 3 windows simultaneously ,the optimal way to buff/boost your char's stats is the following:
1)The first toon/b0t(alt char) that you are going to make is simple,a Sigel Shillien Templar.This class ,at 101 lvl,learn the skill: Templar's Aura which gives to all party members 10% p/m attack and if enchanted to +20 , another 6,7% so 16.7% extra p/m attack in total,when you are in range.
2)the other toon should be either an Iss(main class)/aeore(dual class) or the reverse,aeore (main class)/iss(dual class)
 Any aeore healer will do,since all 3 healers have supportive buffs but under different name,for example aeore Eva's saint have limited meelee weapon resistance which ,when enchanted gives p or m attack and mass Mana gain which when enchanted gives p or m defense.
 About the iss selection,I suggest that you make either a hierophant that has Prophecy of Might (big critical and skill critical chance and power) or Bladedancer that has Crippling dance (p/m attack and skill power).Also iss have Fantasia Harmony lvl2 (an updated version of the alt+b buff) but you should make it +20 time.occasionaly you can use BR(Battle Rhapsody) if you are in a tight spot

Lastly,don't forget to buy from alt+b/shop/consumables: Mana potions, Freya's art of seduction, and teleportation books,flags,pages

Edit no.2 :About jewels.If you haven't  been able to farm enough to buy raid boss jewels from players or you haven't joined a clan/cp to do raids,you can make a new char so you bwill have free boss jewels for another 10 days.
 Considering your options about boss jewels,you can either farm and go straight for : b valakas,b antharas,rulers ring of authority,earthwyrm and lindvior, or you can start by buying the cheaper versions of those (valakas,antharas,ring of creation) also you can buy baium ring,baium soul ring,queen ant ring,queen ant soul ring,ring of authority,istina and Octavia jewels.Those are between the simple versions and the epics
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Re: Newbie tyrr guide
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great guide  ty

just a note most tyrr debuffs depend on stat: DEBUFF (attack/resistance)   like armor destruction, etc.
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