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STR P. Atk.,  P Skill chance to Crit  / Skill Mastery
DEX P. Critical Rate, P. Accuracy, P. Evasion, Atk. Spd.
CON Max HP, HP Recovery Bonus, Weight, Breath, Shield Def. Success Rate, Resistance to physical abnormal state
INT M. Atk.,  Skill Mastery
WIT M. Critical Rate, M. Accuracy, M. Evasion, Casting Spd., Magic Resistance, Chance to Land magical Abnormal State
MEN M. Def., Magic Cancel Rate, Resistance to magical abnormal state and Magic Cancel Rate

LUC - symbol of good luck in game effects used in a variety of factors. The main effect is as follows:
- When attaced by a deadly attack, chance trigger to avoid the attack. Can avoid a lethal Blow.

CHARISMA - symbol of the absolute effect of the ability to affect most of the combat skills. The main effect is as follows:
- P. Atk., P. Def., Atk. Spd, M. Atk., M. Def., Cast Spd., Max HP, Max MP, Max CP increases.

Magical critical damage is not influenced by int

Str - p critical damage does not increase by str, but the Physical Skill Chance to make critical and P.Atk.

Dex does not give Run Speed bonus (unless mastery passive for certain classes )

Skill Mastery = chance to reset reuse of skill or duration, depdening on skill.
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