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Circlets of Power
« on: March 01, 2019, 09:52:03 AM »

Circlets of Power are the new unique head accessories increasing the battle stats of your character and empowering it with impressive passive effects. Circlets, just like all the necessary items for their upgrade, enchantment and augmentation can be purchased at shop, alt+b, accesories.

General Info
The circles are not limited by time and they will not be removed from the game.
The circlets have no grade.
The circlets are placed into the lower head accessory slot.
Players can choose one from the 3 circlets depending on the gameplay they prefer: Warrior's Circlet Warrior's Circlet , Wizard's Circlet Wizard's Circlet , Knight's Circlet Knight's Circlet , each of the circlets increases the corresponding stats:
Warrior's: The stats of STR, P.Atk., P. Critical Rate and P. Critical Damage, etc.
Wizard's: The stats of INT, M. Atk., M. Critical and M. Critical Damage, etc.
Knight's: The stats of CON, P. and M. Def., Damage decrease etc.
Circlets of Power can be used by characters of any class and level.
Circlets of Power can be enchanted. Max. possible enchant level is +5.
Common Circlets of Power, can be upgraded to Noble, and then to Radiant at Ferris in Aden.
Noble and Radiant circlets can be augmented.

How to obtain
Blessed Circlets of Power enchant scrolls can always be purchased in alt+b, Shop, Scrolls or Drop From Raid Bosses and some monsters
Noble Circlet Upgrade Stone and Radiant Circlet Upgrade Stone can be obtained from Dimensional Merchant by exchanging Circlets.
Circlet Spirit Stone can be obtained Alt+b/shop/Lifestones

Enchanting circlets
Circlets can be enchanted by up to +5 using a special scroll: Blessed Circlet Enchant Scroll .
Circlets of any type can be enchanted: common, Noble and Radiant.
If enchantment is successful, +1 is added to your circlet enchantment level.
If enchantment fails, the circlet does not get destroyed, however its enchantment level is reset to 0. The type of the circlet doesn't change.
There's no safe enchantment. The enchantment level of a circlet may be reset to 0 starting from +1.
If your character wears a non-enchanted circlet, they have a basic passive effect.
If a circlet is enchanted, other effects are added to the basic one.
The higher a circlet enchant level, the more powerful additional effects obtained by your character

Upgrading circlets

Circlets of Power can be upgraded to Noble and Radiant via Head Blacksmith Ferris in the Town of Aden.
Choose the item upgrade line in the NPC dialogue.
The chance of upgrading any circlet is 100%.
To upgrade, you need the Circlet of Power, and a special item: Noble Circlet Upgrade Stone Noble Circlet Upgrade Stone or Radiant Circlet Upgrade Stone Radiant Circlet Upgrade Stone (depending on your circlet type).
The upgrade cannot be reverted: the circlet won't roll back to the previous level even if enchantment fails.
Radiant Circlet is the final stage of upgrading.
Augment effects DO NOT REMAIN upon upgrade.
Enchant effects DO NOT REMAIN upon upgrade

Augmenting circlets

Noble and Radiant circlets can be augmented with Circlet Spirit Stone , which can be obtained from Alt+b Shop/Life Stones , Raid Mob Drops.
Common circlets cannot be augmented.
You can use augmentation on any enchant level.
When a circlet is augmented, your character receives 2 random effects (first + second)
Effect 1  + Effect 2 can  be seen below:

Augmentation effects
Property 1
Effect   Bonus
Confusion Resistance   +2% / +3% / +5%
Obstruction Resistance   +2% / +3% / +5%
Infection Resistance   +2% / +3% / +5%
Stupor Resistance   +2% / +3% / +5%
Property 2
PvP damage +5%
Received PvP damage -5%
PvE damage +5%
Received PvE damage -5%
Recovery Potions' Effect +500
Damage to immobilized targets +5%
Received damage when immobilized -5%
P. Atk. +1%
M. Atk. +1%
P. Def. +2%
M. Def. +2%
Atk. Spd. +2%
Casting Spd. +2%
Max HP +2%
Max MP +2%
Max CP +2%
P. Accuracy +1
P. Evasion +1
M. Accuracy +1
M. Evasion +1
Fire Resistance +10
Water Resistance +10
Wind Resistance +10
Earth Resistance +10
Holy Resistance +10
Dark Resistance +10

Enchant chances:

From 66% at +0 to around 10% at +5

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