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Class Guide on
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Aeore Healer:
This class is the core of a party. It possesses the ability to heal, recharge and purge your allies. They also have powerful debuffs to put on the enemies aswell.
They are mostly CON based to prevent heavy burst damage, or INT based to have high heals.

Tyrr Warrior:
This group of class regroups most of the off tank damage dealers in lineage 2. In 1 versus 1 this class wins by time thanks to the high amount of HP it can reach, along with reflect augments. In party, the role of a tyrr is to annoy the opponent and take down squishy targets.
They are mostly CON based.

Iss Enchanter:
Coming from a lot of different classes such as prophet, overlord, blade dancer, sword singer and doomcryer, this class excels in having powerful buffs for your party, and powerful debuffs for the opponents. It has a high survivability since it wears heavy armor and has the ability to transform and be Debuff immune for a certain amount of time.
They are mostly CON or STR based.

Sigel Knight:
Regroups all tank classes. They have powerful auras and defensive skills.
This is the most defensive group of every.
Building STR on Sigel Shilien Templar is quite famous, others are mostly CON based.

Wynn Summoner:
Summoners can summon up to 2 summons. They have a tanky summon, DPS summon and ranged DPS summon.
They also can heal, purge them, and put powerful debuffs on the enemy.
Mostly a PvE class, this can also be used in PvP but it lacks power overall.
Mostly CON based.

Othell Rogue:
This class regroups all the daggers in one. Their AoE is very weak but their single target damage is extremely high.
The only difference between those classes are:
The Othell Wind Rider (Elf) is cooldown based.
The Othell Ghost Hunter (Dark Elf) is critical damage based.
The Othell Adventurer is a balance of those two above, with extra HP.
The Othell Fortune Seeker is PvE based, with extra HP.
Mostly DEX based.

Feoh Wizard:
Regroups all the mages. Possess powerful spells to burst down the enemy.
It is a very squishy class, but deals huge damage especially during crits.
Mostly INT/WIT based.

Yul Archer:
Regroups all the archers. It is quite same as the Feoh Wizard, but as a physical damage.
It can survive better than Feoh's.

is a squishy killer  - to be continued

Sahya Seer
can be  perma invisible - to be continued
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