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Angel's Accesories
« on: March 11, 2019, 07:45:56 AM »

Angel's Accessories
are epic accessories which get additional special stats when enchanted.
Angel's Accessories can be enchanted to +10.
When Angel's Accessories are enchanted, special stats are activated
Angel's Earring can be obtained from Fafurion Raid drop or Alt+b/Shop/Epics
Angel's Necklace can be obtained Fafurion/Antharas/Valakas Raid drop or Alt+b/Shop/Epics
Fallen Angel's Ring can be obtained Lindvior Raid drop or Alt+b/Shop/Epics

Enchanting Angel's Accessories
Angel's Accessories: Angel's Earring and Angel's Necklace can be enchanted with Blessed Scroll: Enchant Angel Accessory Scroll: Enchant Angel Accessory , which can be purchased from Alt+b/Shop/ Scrolls or drop from Raid Bosses
Fallen Angel's Ring can be enchanted with a Scroll: Enchant Fallen Angel Accessory , which can also be found in a Alt+B/ Shop / Scrolls or drop at Epic Raid Bosses
Blessed Scroll: Enchant Angel Accessory:
- The scroll can enchant an angel earring or necklace accessory up to +10. The Angel Accessory may fail to enchant starting from +1, the item will not be destroyed if it fails.
Blessed  Scroll: Enchant Fallen Angel Accessory - scroll exclusively for Fallen Angel accessories. The scroll can enchant an accessory up to +10. Failure to enchant does not destroys the accessory.
Removed Duplicate Lilith's Soul Necklace from Shop

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