Author Topic: Enchant Chance Success Rate for Armors, Weapons and more on Lineage2Ertheia  (Read 57155 times)


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SAFE enchant +3 (general) max enchant 25 (general) - exceptional items not included.

Here are the enchant success rate stat tables for weapons, armors, elemental shirts, brooch system jewels compound, venir's talisman and dimensional bracelet compound chances.

The table is however an aproximation, values are not 100% accurate, but you can get a pretty good ideea of what to expect thus makeing your enchant strategy better.

Weapon Enchant Chance

Armor Enchant Chance

Elemental Shirt Enchant Chance

Brooch System Jewels Compound Chance

Venir's Talisman Compound Chance

Dimensional Bracelet Compound Chance
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