Author Topic: GOD mesmerizing system - why sayha overwrites older buffs as should.  (Read 4354 times)


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I open this topic because many players complain why sayha overwrites their old cov, pof etc buffs. and this is why, because new awakened buffs overwrite by default old ones, so if you go pvp with cov for ex, u might get better stats but risk getting a worse then drum melody buff wich is sayha, so for pvp to be safe always use drum melody, or risk getting sayha, the choice is yours.

THis is same as on official, that is why on off no one uses old nbuffs, because they get a worse buff then drum melody, wich is sayha, so they do not risk it.

OLD other servers, in wich this does not work like this, are WRONG to say the least, but however we are still the only one server with mesmerizing system working, so...

proof: (old link, 2012 ,stats are wrong, cuz they were changed few years after, but basic system did not change)

Basic Combat Stats

    Speed is no longer affected by Dexterity (DEX). The base speed of all races has changed.
    Magical Accuracy (M. Accuracy) is now a stat attribute. The higher a character’s Magical Accuracy, the higher that character’s chance of making a successful magical attack.
    Magical Evasion (M. Evasion) is now a stat attribute. The higher a character’s Magical Evasion, the higher that character’s chance of evading a magical attack.
    The bonus effect of the Magical Critical Damage (M. Critical Damage) stat has been reduced from 2.5 times more damage to 2 times more damage.

Resistance to Mesmerizing Debuffs

Awakened classes have a boosted resistance to mesmerizing debuffs, also known as incapacitating debuffs. There are two types of mesmerizing debuffs:

    Physical: Stun, Paralyze, Knockback, Knock Down, Hold, Disarm, Petrify
    Mental: Sleep, Mutate, Fear, Aerial Yoke, Silence

When an Awakened character is affected by a mesmerizing debuff, that character’s chance of being affected by another debuff of the same type is lowered for 15 seconds. If the character is affected with a second mesmerizing debuff, the chance of being affected by another successful mesmerizing debuff decreases even further.

    The first mesmerizing debuff has the usual chance of success.
    The second mesmerizing debuff has 60% of the usual chance of success.
    The third mesmerizing debuff has 30% of the usual chance of success.
    A character affected by three mesmerizing debuffs at once becomes immune to further mesmerizing debuffs.

In addition, some Awakening class skills boost resistance to physical (P. Mez resistance) or mental (M. Mez resistance) mesmerizing debuffs.