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Mesmerizing system
« on: February 04, 2015, 08:43:12 PM »
Now that we added mesmerizing system, i think it s time to inform players, this is an exclusive GOD game mechanics system, that you won t find anywhere else, except retail ofc.

how this it work:

When an Awakened character is affected by a mesmerizing debuff, that character’s chance of being affected by another debuff of the same type is lowered for 15 seconds.
If the character is affected with a second mesmerizing debuff, the chance of being affected by another successful mesmerizing debuff decreases even further.

The first mesmerizing debuff has the usual chance of success.
The second mesmerizing debuff has 60% of the usual chance of success.
The third mesmerizing debuff has 30% of the usual chance of success.
A character affected by three mesmerizing debuffs at once becomes IMMUNE to further mesmerizing debuffs.

Physical mesmerizing debuffs include:
Stun, Paralyze, Knockback, Knock Down, Hold, Disarm, Petrify.

Magical mesmerizing debuffs include:
Sleep, Mutate, Fear, Aerial Yoke, Silence.

Skills that are INCLUDED in the mesmerizing system even if they don't clearly have their defined diminishing effects:
- Superior Aggression (Physical)
- Superior Aggression Aura (Physical)
- Mass Trick (Physical)
- Block Magic (Magical)
- Power Bluff (Physical)
- Lure Shot (Physical)
- Death Howl (Magical)

Skills that are EXCLUDED from the mesmerizing system:
- Dual - Yoke of the Giants (Physical)
- Chain Strike (Physical)
- Chain Hydra (Physical)
- Hurricane Rush (Physical)
- Jump Attack (Physical)
- Shadow Chase (Physical)
- Mischief (Physical)
- Shadow Flash (Physical)
- Throw Sand (Physical)
- Death Siphon aka. Death Lord (Magical)
- Assault Rush (Physical)