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Savior's Mask
« on: March 11, 2019, 07:22:34 AM »

Savior's Mask A mask granted only to those credited for saving Aden by helping the Blackbird Clan defeat Etis van Etina at the Savior's Path - Fall of Etina.
When equipped, increases M. Def. by 5%.

- Savior's Mask is a unique head accessory, which gets additional stats when equipped with Circlets of Power.
- Savior's Mask can be enchanted using Blessed Scroll: Enchant Savior's Mask
- You can purchase Savior's Mask and Enchantment Scrolls from alt+b/Shop or obtain them from Raid Bosses.
- Savior's Mask can be enchanted to +10.
- Can be purchased from shop Alt+B/Epics (new quest to be added later in time)
- If enchantment fails, Savior's Mask will not disappear.
Enchanting Chances are same as for Shiny Elemental Shirt (0-10)
Enchanting Savior's Mask to +3 has 100% Chance