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Re: Updates
« Reply #435 on: February 29, 2024, 06:00:14 AM »
Blue Talisman Explosion bonuses increased to 10%, tradeable
Red Talisman Life Force cannot be used in Olympiad, tradeable
Blue Talisman Magic Explosion M atk is 20%, crit rate 5, tradeable
Talisman of Wind P Critical Damage gives 10% P skill Critical damage (as per skill description), tradeable, item name to be fixed in next patch
Talisman of Wind M Critical Damage gives 10% M critical damage, tradeable
Taslisman of Wind Defense gives 10% pdef/mdef, tradeable
Battle Talisman 3 days can only be used on Olympiad, not in events or in other instances
Battle Talisman stack will be that of talismans
Battle Talisman stack will ignore invulnerability states also
New Talismans Added to Pvp Rewards (duration 7 days )
Radiant circlets enchant chances increased
Blessed Circlet Enchant Scroll cost slightly increased
Savior's Mask enchant chances increased
Blessed Scroll: Enchant Savior's Mask cost slightly increased
Angel Accessory  enchant chances increased
Blessed Scroll: Enchant Angel Accessory cost slightly increased
Dragon shirt   enchant chances increased
Dragon shirt enchant scroll cost slightly increased
Dragon Accessory   enchant chances increased
Blessed Scroll: Enchant Dragon Accessory cost slightly increased
Top Grade Brooch   enchant chances increased
Blessed Scroll: Top Grade Brooch cost slightly increased
Scroll: Enchant Expert’s Mask costs lowered
Fixed an issue with Dragon Stone augment having a chance to give m crit dmg option for warrior weapons
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